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What devices are available for individuals on

Quantapulse, Miltapod, PSIO, Aqualustral as well as the Sensophere

What devices are available for therapists on

Miltaled, Miltapod, Psio, Sensora, Sensosphere

What is the MILTA Light Therapy System?

Milta is a technology with a medical device based on a unique phototherapy concept. It can be used to treat many medical problems. More than 15 years of experience and constant clinical and scientific research in many fields form the basis of this therapy.

Who can use MILTA Light Therapy devices?

Milta phototherapy is used by both medical professionals and end users. There are three different types of devices to ensure the best solution to each individual requirement, for medical professionals in hospitals and clinics as well as for the end user comfortably at home.