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in the world of LED therapy

An alternative and holistic medicine for practitioners and individuals


What is LED therapy?

First developed for professionals (doctors and therapists) in over 20 countries, LED technology is now available for private individuals.

LED standing for “Light-Emitting Diode”, this method is the newest addition to photobiostimulation techniques. It offers immediate and long-lasting results without any side effects.

Thus, it is an excellent complement to all conventional treatments, using the analgesic properties of light to relieve pain. It enhances the cellular metabolism and optimizes the processes of tissue and organic repair.

Innovative biotechnology

LED therapy combines several therapeutic factors into a synergic action. It is based on the essential principle of particle accelerators.

The benefits of light

LED therapy is a therapeutic method based on the principles of quantum physics. It uses electromagnetic waves and light particles.

Soft therapy

MIL therapy is used by professionals specialized in holistic, alternative and complementary methods (osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, reflex therapists, etc.).

Quick and easy to use

Thanks to simple devices, LED therapy can be used regularly as a complement to conventional treatments.

The effects of light at a cellular scale

Several studies show that our body responds to light exposure and reacts differently to the multiple wavelengths of the visible spectrum. Light therapy (MIL therapy) is used by many professionals and brings a complementary action to conventional treatments.


Muscular aches and pains

Stress / Headache



Numerous therapeutic effects

Optimization and stimulation without side effects

Ease of use

Satisfied or refunded

“Light therapy is both for practitioners and individuals, it is the future of alternative medicine.”

Docteur Marc Sitbon

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